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Made in Evansville was founded in 2014 as the fundraising component of the Evansville Design Group, a not-for-profit organization that promotes awareness, education, networking, and enrichment within and among the local design community.

When our designers considered the things that truly make Evansville special, they discovered a recurring theme – since our city’s foundation, we have been fortunate to boast a multitude of products, services and ideas developed right here in Evansville. By combining the skill EDG knows best – design – with our city’s rich history, Made in Evansville was born. We are proud to create wearable products that celebrate Evansville and foster local pride, all while uniting us through great design. Many of the designs in our shop are inspired by, or even directly printed from, vintage logos, labels, and advertisements. 

All proceeds from your purchase fund initiatives that support and educate current & aspiring local creatives, nonprofits and the greater Evansville community. All tees are hand-screen printed in Evansville by our friends at Burnt Prairie Print Shop.